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fall self-care bundle


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welcome to the fall self-care bundle!

this bundle supports YOU as we transition to a new season. transitions can be bumpy, and the products you'll receive in this bundle will help ground you and encourage you to set the intentions you need to care for yourself as we move into fall, a season of slowing down and settling in.

in this bundle, you will receive:
* awakening brown sugar body scrub
* healing body salve
* dried flower bouquet from pluck flower farms, a woman-owned farm in milaca, mn
* plant-dyed handmade drawstring pouch
* herbal tea blend for energy and resilience
* a loving note from me to you with reflections on the season

the products included in this bundle will prompt you to slow down and take some time to reflect on the season that has passed and the one that is to come.

as we enter the season of fall, you might be feeling the pull to slow down and acknowledge this seasonal shift but the busy-ness of summer just won't let up. imagine stepping out to your mailbox on a windy autumn day as the leaves are blown from the trees and your self-care bundle has arrived! you quickly open the box and see the all the goodies inside. you take a moment to pause and arrange the flowers on your kitchen table and then head straight to the tub to try out the sugar scrub.

while you bathe, be present with your body as you scrub away the dead skin of summer and moisturize with the healing oil of . repair your sun-worn drying skin with healing body salve. set the dried flowers on your table or nightstand and every time you look at them, pause even for just a brief moment to remind yourself to be gentle and loving to yourself & others. and as the world continues to open up and you may find yourself out and about more often, use this pouch to hold your treasures (or maybe just your keys), because even useful things can be beautiful.

gift this bundle to yourself or a loved one as we transition into this new season, giving you the reminders you need to slow down and set your intentions for the coming months. self-care is community care!

purchase this individual seasonal bundle, or click here to subscribe to a full year of self-care that begins with this fall bundle and continue with the next three installments through summer 2022.

handmade with love in minneapolis.