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winter self-care bundle


Image of winter self-care bundle
  • Image of winter self-care bundle
  • Image of winter self-care bundle
  • Image of winter self-care bundle

as the winter season sets in, do you find yourself rushing through your days, not being able to take the time you need to set intentions for how you want to spend your time? do you always plan to be more purposeful with your time and actions, but then find yourself falling back into old patterns and before you know it, another season has passed?

do you long for slow & quiet days where you have plenty of alone time and are able to truly tend to yourself? when you think of self-care, does it feel unattainable among all of the other demands of your life, so you just don't even bother trying?

while the reality of your daily life may not allow for entire days filled with your ideal self-care activities, what if there was a way to infuse small moments of reflection and intention-setting throughout your day? it is possible for you to feel supported and inspired to take a step back from your daily rush to care for yourself because you ARE worthy of care. when you care for yourself, you become more able to care for those around you, whether that is your children, partner, friends, or community members.

this self-care bundle supports YOU as we transition into the season of winter. winter is all about rest, and slowness, and turning inward. when you can experience even the smallest moments of self-care and reflection among the chaos of your daily life, you will feel refreshed & restored. you will feel fulfilled by your days instead of run-down and burned out. and when this season is over, you will look back at the months gone by and feel proud of yourself for tending to your own needs & desires. you will know that you showed up as your full self and shared your unique gifts with those around you.

loving massage oil encourages you to love yourself & those around you. infused with calendula, lavender, chamomile and rose petals, and with custom essential oil scent blend, this oil will envelop you with feelings of love & softness. use this oil as a moisturizer after a hot shower or bath and remember to love yourself as much as you love others in your life.

herbal lip balm offers the deep healing that our lips need during the dryness of winter. the calendula-infused olive oil, shea & cocoa butters, coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin e will truly moisturize your lips and offer tiny moments of self-care. carry this with you wherever you go and allow yourself to feel cared for each time you apply it.

ayate washcloth will exfoliate your skin and keep you feeling fresh and renewed. when you use this cloth as you bathe, allow yourself to connect with & send love to each part of your body, honoring your beautiful existence.

bouquet of dried celosia reminds you to stop and appreciate the beauty in the every day that is all around you. winter life can be challenging, but there is also so much beauty. the name celosia comes from the greek "keleos" which means burning. place this bouquet somewhere so you will see it often and be prompted to think of all the ways that you keep your unique & valuable flame burning within you.

herbal tea for the winter heart this blend of hawthorn berries, rose petals, and cinnamon is not only nourishing and warming, but also contains anti-inflammatory and heart healthy benefits. enjoy a cup of tea while reflecting on your intentions for the season.

this bundle will prompt you to infuse small moments of self-care throughout your daily lives and take time to reflect on the season that has passed and the one that is to come.

gift this bundle to yourself or a loved one as we transition into this new season and a new year! it will give you the reminders you need to slow down and set your intentions for the coming months.

self-care is community care!